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OK, I'll add the love of a woman. And music. The five pillars of a great life.

Day 121: 1st June
Full of Crab
The flag of Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

Stien and I met up again today, along with a chap Stien had met in Hoi An, an American called Darren. We all hired pushbikes and took on the Vietnamese road traffic for the few klicks ride to the beach. The general rule with road traffic in Asia is that the bigger vehicle gets right of way. So we were right at the bottom of the pile on our convoy of basketed boneshakers, ranking just above pedestrians, but we negotiated the junctions without incident.

The beach at Hoi An is nothing short of fabulous. It is huge, apparently stretching all the way up to Danang to the north. Lined by wafting palm trees and exclusive yet low and tasteful resorts, there is not a single ugly concrete skyscraper in sight. We basked in chairs, taking turns to fend off the roving touts, and dipped into the lively rolling waves of the sea.

For lunch we retired to a place boasting "Alive Seafood". To my relief, by the time it appeared on our plates it was dead. We shared a