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nationality, level of education and profession, before offering his daughter's hand in marriage to me. I'm not kidding, and by his questioning I'm not completely convinced he was either! I pointed at myself and said "Saigon", implying I was returning there soon, but it's the thought that counts...

After a potent shot of banana wine we returned to Mytho, on the way catching the sun breaking through the clouds and setting rapidly on the horizon. Morgan was a captivated as me at the sight, despite having seen far more sunsets than I. It was a fitting end to a wonderful day.

Day 131: 11th June
Clowning Around
The flag of Vietnam

My Tho, Vietnam

Despite the fact I had exhausted all the possibilities, I gave Mytho one more day, reluctant to return to insane Saigon. Only two hours away by bus, the Delta is a world away from the manic southern capital, although some crazy Vietnamese trends do still gravitate here.

The first is a love of musical reversing sirens. A bus attempting to mow you down backwards will quite joyously play "London Bridge is falling down", "Happy Birthday", "The Lambada" or even "Jingle Bells" in the process, which cracks