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would be footing the bill. Luckily it turned out that his mates, Sophy and Charlie, were top drawer characters.

They took me down the road to a local spit'n'stools Cambodian restaurant owned by a local policeman. We quickly got into rounds of jugs of Angkor beer and munchies: strips of beef dipped in "Cambodian cheese", apparently, which to me tasted like pure salt. But the combination was great, and with veggies and a plate of fruit to finish, I was well fed.

The policeman clearly couldn't get out of his day-job habit of being corrupt. After a while, out of every jug we ordered he took a pint, stood there over us and sank it in one. Apparently it was "customary". It was a funny thing to see at first, but after the third time I felt like going to his till and helping myself to a wodge of Riel. Hey, it's customary.

Despite my bloatedness, I did find room for one more morsel. A little Khmer kid came round flogging a plate of fried spiders. Not little incy wincys, mind you, but huge big bastard things. I managed to chow down a leg, and made Peter finish the rest, squishy body and all. When it comes to fried insect cuisine, I think I'll keep the line firmly drawn at crickets and silkworms.

So what a great evening! Jokes, toasting each