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wept as it fell to pieces halfway through during an absurd car chase. Oh well, at least I got to pay my respects to the King of Thailand again, standing to attention to the anthem before the film. He really does seem to be a top chap.

Day 178: 28th July
Gochi-so sama deshita
The flag of Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Kicked off an unofficial health drive today. Don't worry, I won't be frequenting those mystical buildings known as "gyms", nor returning home in a shell suit and sweat bands and doing vertical press-ups at bus tops.

It started when I got pissed off at shelling out nearly a quid for taxi journeys from Khao San to Siam Sa-quare (as the Thais call it). Tuk tuks are cheaper of course, but I found it tiring having to barter all the time, and the journey can be uncomfortable as you are swung round corners and given lungfuls of pollution. So I found if walked a little of the way, I could reduce the fare by cutting off the inevitable sitting in a ten-minute traffic jam. That logically led to me walking further and further, until I had walked there, around and back, saving muchos Baht, if not my legs.

I continued the trend this evening by walking