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Next I introduced the Robster to the Suria Shopping Complex. It was a refreshingly blokey experience after my visits with Noesha "Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!" Hu. Instead we trawled the shops for electronic gadgets, trying to hack or break the computers and spending an inordinate amount of time in the Sony Centre like kids in a toyshop.

Then we purchased the essential ingredients for a fine evening: tonic water to complement Rob's fine duty-free Bombay Sapphire, a baguette, and a block of Camembert. How civilised... just add the odd morsel of deep and meaningful conversation mixed in with the usual old bollocks. It was wonderful to catch up in the welcoming cosiness of the hostel.

Day 197: 16th August
Rob's Digest
The flag of Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

On the road again! Sing it to me Shrekky. Malaysia is a huge country to cover in two weeks, but we were determined to do it justice in the time. Our first waypoint was an old British Colonial settlement called the Cameron Highlands. This Scottish-sounding area is predictably lofty in altitude and incidentally has a climate well suited to the growing of tea.