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One traveller's day-by-day account of a year-long journey through Japan, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada

The hostel we had picked from the accommodation list was deserted. We hung around like nellies for about ten minutes as night fell around us, until Rob suddenly noticed a long cord hanging down that was attached to a bell, just like something from Alice in Wonderland. Alice, I mean Rob, rang it and a little Malay chap, who really didn't give a flying duck, emerged slowly to assign us to an empty dorm. It was tatty, yet reassuringly insect-proof. The bathroom was in a constant state of flooding, but the hostel would do for somewhere to lay our heads for tonight.

Kuala Tahan was a tiny ramshackle town of huts and outhouses sprawled along a river, and stood in stark contrast to a plush four-star resort across the other side. After a so-so dinner on one of the many identikit floating restaurants lining the river, it was at the luxurious resort we ended the evening for a nightcap in the form of gin and tonic, for Kuala Tahan was completely dry.