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Out with the New, in with the Old: over the road, the old museum was of the stuffy, dyed-in-the-wool breed, but surprisingly I found it held my attention longer. As Rob put it, it was of the "shoot, stuff and put in cages as many things as you can" variety, featuring insects, snakes, birds, mammals (even the Borneo-specific orang-utan) and to top it off, a huge skeleton of a whale. Upstairs was slightly more sensitive, lending itself to tribal artifacts of the native Orang Asli people amongst other tribes.

The B&B was disappointingly quiet that evening, as the Germans had left for the jungle, so we decided to shift to our original choice of guesthouse first thing tomorrow.

Day 204: 23th August
The Tortoise and the (Beard) Hair
The flag of Malaysia

Kuching, Malaysia

Run by a native Iban family, the Borneo B&B was exactly what was required. It was friendly and had a huge communal area with travellers flitting to and fro. We lazed the whole day there, internetting and reading with our feet up. We'd dashed about like mad things squeezing in the first week's sights, so taking a (lettuce) leaf out of the family tortoise's book, this was the "take it easy" phase. It wouldn't do to send