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Back to being members of the Proletariat again, that evening we bussed it up to the Park's Headquarters where we would be commencing the climb. We had succeeded in booking some rather basic digs for the night. The problem was getting somewhere to sleep on the mountain, as the climb was a two-day affair. It was the damn school holidays this week, and all the accommodation up there was heartbreakingly full...

Day 206: 25th August
An Arresting Meal
The flag of Malaysia

Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

Some people crave order and routine. I guess everyone does to a certain extent. But I adore the random nature that travelling offers you, waking up and not knowing what today will bring. As I started yet another bad hair day at 8 this morning, I had absolutely no clue that within twelve hours from now I would be discussing Italian cuisine over a beer with the local Chief of Police...

First we had to pass through the nadir of the holiday. With the mountain accommodation booked out, I'd checked on the fabulous Thorntree travel forum for help on what to do. I'd learned that cancellations were commonplace, mainly due to block bookings by