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One traveller's day-by-day account of a year-long journey through Japan, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada

"Why you say that?! Yes, like that. Scary! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!"

Jiyoon spent the remainder of the journey hiding behind me and peering into the darkness of the park we were crossing. I wasn't too worried, since there weren't too many VCRs about. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do find it incredibly interesting how the universal human psychological fear of death is manifested differently in other cultures, and travelling gives you an ideal opportunity for research. For example, I was told by a Khmer that ghosts as we knew them in the Western world didn't exist in Cambodia. He believed in some other manifestation of the dead that I sadly can't recall in the slightest now.

Needless to say, we arrived at the Marina in one piece without any supernatural encounters, and settled down at a busy place called the Buzz Cafe. Built on a wooden pontoon extending over the shallow water, spotlights illuminated the wet stuff, allowing you to watch the live fish swim by as you, er, tucked into the dead fish on your plate. It was a great venue with superb food, and made for a fun, if somewhat expensive splurge.