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with one pair of shoes and one pair of trousers in my travelling wardrobe, but I did comb my hair in anticipation of a classic Friday Night knees-up.

At an Italian place not far from the Nova cinema we'd graced the other night we met Keara, Lisa and Mark, incredibly sound and humourous types. They were very accommodating, even though it felt as though we'd gatecrashed their meal slightly, since Tamsin failed to turn up, claiming painter's cramp or something.

After stuffing ourselves, and Keara pointing out I also resembled her little brother in addition to Tamsin's ex-flatmate, everyone slightly disappointingly went their separate ways, and so the chance to flail on some random dancefloor was missed. Ah well, maybe it was for the best. I'm getting far too old for that sort of crazy behaviour nowadays. Art and I did end up somewhere more fitting for our respective ages: a great pub in Fitzroy, full of old-fashioned beer adverts of salty Aussie types with their Victoria Bitter. An early night was on the cards, for we had a big appointment tomorrow.