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and talk fondly of your own in person.

As Martin's stomach rumbled, shaking the glasses on the bar, we went looking for foodage. The pub had a huge backlog of orders, but we found the answer sitting just outside, in the form of a pie stall. So we sat down to put away a steak pie each complete with mushy peas, mash and gravy. It was a perfect Lahndahner moment, and I was so glad we could arrange a meet-up before I cleared off to New Zealand - early tomorrow...

Day 254: 12th October
Mai NZ
The flag of New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

So goodbye, Australia fair...

Something in my mind couldn't see me coming back. It's not that I didn't enjoy the country - on the contrary, for somewhere I didn't initially have a great deal of interest in visiting (but thought I'd better because it was "on the way" to my true heart's destination of New Zealand), I had a fabulous time and won't forget the sights (and particularly the wonderfully warm people) in a hurry. It's just I can't see myself coming out all this way again when there are so many other countries in the world to visit - and such little time.