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who'd lurked the best part of the week in Kaikoura and who'd had every trip cancelled.

So it wasn't a great surprise when I rolled up at the, ahem, Whale Way Station on a gorgeous day but for a huge bank of fog far out at sea. The spotter planes couldn't see the whales through that, so my trip was cancelled. Luckily, I had double-booked yesterday, and so had another roll of the dice tomorrow morning.

I moved into the YHA today, unfortunately into an empty dorm all to myself. No matter, I was content to be on my own and I crossed the road to park myself down on the stony beach, soaking up the sun (skin-cancer-tastic: they seemingly have no Ozone Layer down this way), taking in the view of the mountains looming silently over the bay, and scribbling my diary.

In a one horse town like Kaikoura there wasn't a great deal to do apart from laugh at the crap whale-associated souvenirs on offer. So a trip to the local Pak'n'Save supermarket became the highlight of my day. I picked out a cheap and (unbeknownst to me) tasteless steak to accompany my pasta'n'sauce, and even went wild and picked out a bottle of red to wash it down with.

"I'm going to have to ask you for ID," said the stern-faced, middle-aged checkout lady as I